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What EXACTLY makes the Baiden Mitten SO EFFECTIVE?

I have had this question asked by many of our customers. Few of them have told me that they have been very diligent about exfoliating and have used many different methods to achieve deep exfoliation, but for all of them NOTHING EVER came even close to Baiden Mitten.

“Why is it that it works so well? What is the amazing product that the Baiden Mitten is made of?” – that is the question that I am asked a lot.

The answer surprises everyone. Yes, the fabric that the glove is made of is important, but even thought there are many other exfoliating gloves that are made with a thread made of similar fiber, they don’t come even close to the effects that Baiden Mitten can achieve.

The secret is in how the glove is weaved. To start of, the thread has to be EXACTLY the certain thickness and strength. There must be EXACT amount of threads per square inch in the fabric that Baiden Mitten is made of. If there are not enough threads, than a lot of dead skin particles will be left behind and also your skin will get damaged when you scrub it. If there are too many threads, than the glove will just glide over the skin doing not much at all.
Using the exact number of threads needed would be already enough to make Baiden Mitten special but – there is a lot more to the production process.
To make the glove as effective as it is, each thread must have a certain number of knots on it per each square inch. The knots on every thread are not placed in the same position, but must follow an EXACT pattern over the fabric. After the fabric is produced it is then cut and sewn into gloves by hand.

If the thickness of the thread is wrong, or the knots on those threads are not placed in the exact position the fabric will be of of inferior quality and will be discarded.

The secret of producing this amazing glove is not new. In fact, it is not even recent. It has been perfected through trial and error throughout many generations. It originated in Turkish Harems where beauty was the currency of the concubines. Without beauty the concubines would not get the Sultan’s favors and would be nothing more than servants to the Sultan’s favorites. If their beauty faded too quickly, they would fall out of grace forever.
That is why they spent enormous amounts of gold to find beauty secrets and when they found them, they would guard them with their lives. Few of those secrets have survived to the present day passed from generation to generation in the Artisan families which produced those beauty aids for the Harem Ladies.

Baiden Mitten is produced in a small Turkish town where many thousands of “ordinary” scrubbing gloves are produced every year as well. Those are produced very quickly and cheaply to sell to the market where price matters. The cheaper, the better. No quality control is needed and no claims as to the effectiveness are made. You can find them in almost every shop for only couple of dollars per unit.

However, in one factory, only few times a year the machines are stopped and re calibrated to produce the cloth so superior, it blows all the other exfoliating tools out of the water. It consists of best quality thread, needs much slower production to tie millions of knots on the threads and uses the knowledge of one family that holds the secret of the Ladies of the Harem.
It is a tool that guarantees not only superior exfoliation, but skin massage, detox, polishing and oxygenation resulting in the whole body rejuvenation.

The quality and the process of the production makes it much more expensive than other cloths that are mass produced, but as with most great quality products, Baiden Mitten more than pays for itself. It produces the same great effects for over 2 years of weekly use, it’s action is so gentle that you can use it even on your eyelids and if used regularly, will be able to save thousands of dollars on cosmetics. Most of them will simply not be needed.

By now you must realize that we strongly believe in Baiden Mitten. We back that up with our superior 100%, 60 days money back guarantee.
You WILL get outstanding results with this product.
You WILL notice amazing smoothness of your skin.
You WILL see improvement in condition of the skin.
You WILL get decrease in any skin problems
or your money back.

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How to use Baiden Mitten How to use Baiden Mitten
How to use Baiden Mitten
How to use Baiden Mitten How to use Baiden Mitten