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Top 3 Winter Dry Skin Remedies

While you are braving the winter, severe cold could wreak havoc on your skin. As wintertime temperatures drop and the air turns icy, your skin pays the price. In freezing conditions, the skin is much less able to protect itself. This can cause skin to crack resulting in loss of hydration, as well as ultimately, irritation and inflammation.

3 winter dry skin remediesMost of us can benefit from a skin-care upgrade to battle the cold months ahead.To counter the drying out winter air use thicker moisturizers geared up to assist in protecting the skin's uppermost layer.

While the old favourite – coconut oil is as great in winter if applied thicker, for windy, or really cold days, I have a remedy which has served me incredibly well for few years now – without fail.


Whaaaaat? You must be kidding!!!!!

Nope. Vaseline is an amazing moisturizer. While it does not add anything to your skin, it is superb at keeping everything in. Especially the moisture. While I heard of this old wives’ trick before, I also heard conflicting reports that “it will clog your pores” and “petroleum product is not natural”.
So, for a long time I put it out of my mind. Then, one day I heard it again and seeing that the person who delivered this beauty tip this time was an owner of a really flawless and youthful skin, I decided to give it a try.
At the same time, she put me onto another product fabulous for dry skin. Rose water. No, not the expensive one from the beauty store, but the one you can buy at the supermarket for around $2.00 The way you use it is to put a splash of rose water in the palm of your hand together with a pea-size dab of Vaseline. Now, rub it all together with your hands and quickly apply to your face. Rub it in well. Unless you use way too much of Vaseline, it should not feel oily on your face at all.
Of course, I still use Baiden Mitten once every 1-2 weeks to remove grime and dead skin layer. Taking toxins off your skin is important in any season, after all So, my 3 products which are my winter skin saviours are:

  • Baiden Mitten
  • Rose water
  • Vaseline and the dry skin is gone.



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How to use Baiden Mitten How to use Baiden Mitten
How to use Baiden Mitten
How to use Baiden Mitten How to use Baiden Mitten