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Best exfoliation methods

Although there are thousands of exfoliation methods on the market, only few of them are truly effective.
I tend to stay away from the products with microbeads. Why? I have never found them very effective in the first place, but what really confirmed my dislike of them was the sentence I once read: "What do you think happens to all those microbeads which are washed down your drain?"
Most exfoliation products contain plastic beads. Those go down the drain, into our water system, finish up in oceans. Apparently ocean fish all contain microbeads in their digestive system and in their tissue.

I do not know about you, but eating plastic fish just does not appeal to me at all.Best exfoliation methods
If changing to another exfoliator would be difficult, I might have put up with the plastic food as I am fanatical about exfoliation, but the fact is that the exfoliation products containing those little scratchy particles are the least effective of all exfoliation methods.
Second best would be chemical exfoliation methods, but I've read enough about them to know that they tend to weaken the skin. Therefore I don't even take them into consideration as I want my skin stronger, not weaker so would never use them, no matter how effective they are. I am now at the age when I know that it is just not worth it to have short term gains at the expense of long term health.
Seeing that the microbeads and chemical exfoliating creams are not such a great idea, that only leaves the mechanical way of exfoliation. Para-medical salon treatments, gloves, loofahs and brushes are the way to go, as far as I am concerned.
Of them all I found 3 methods really effective:
So, what is the difference between them?
1. Salon treatments - that would include things like microdermabrasions, lasers, needling etc. I used to be a big fan of those, although did not have them very often as they tend to cost a fortune. Not to mention that we are talking about face only here as nobody is going to go through a full body microdermabrasion or laser treatment regularly to keep their skin beautiful. Too expensive and time consuming. However, if you have a very deep sun damage there is nothing like a laser treatment that will take care of all of it but be prepared to take a week out of your life to be able to show your face in public.
2. Skin brushing. I used to do it regularly, but when kids came, taking 10-15 extra minutes in the bathroom every day simply was not an option. However, it is great at stimulating lymphatic drainage if you master and follow the brushing sequence, so if you can find time to go though the process it does make you feel invigorated and "tingly". I still do it every now and again, mainly because the brush feels so nice on the skin.
3. Baiden Mitten. I am biased, of course, but when it comes to all the gloves, loofahs and exfoliating towels, Baiden Mitten beats them all hands down. There just is no comparison as thousands and thousands of our clients will attest to. I love it not only for how effective it is, but also how little work you have to put into having the best skin that is possible for you. Once a week in a bath or shower (I usually do it 2 times a week in summer, once a fortnight in winter) and that is ALL it takes. For face and body. Takes me all of 5-10 minutes and it is so much fun, because you can see all the dead skin coming off in rolls.
Yes, nothing beats the Baiden Mitten if you ask me 🙂

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How to use Baiden Mitten
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