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Can a Cream Turn Betty White Into Miley Cyrus?

Do you know what definition of insanity is?  - Doing the same things over and over expecting different results.
I think that most people would agree that this definition  sounds pretty reasonable, and yet, how many of us keep doing exactly THAT when it comes to skincare?

There are so many cosmetic companies on the market and lots of them have been around for a very long time. I myself had been using different preparations from companies like Loreal, Olay and  Clarens to name just a few. In fact, I have used quite a lot of them. Some of those jars and tubes still litter the bottom of my cosmetics' drawer, as I am too cheap to just throw those items out, seeing how much money I had spent on purchasing them. However, I know for sure that I will never use them again.


Because they simply do not work. Some of them used to work for a little while, then my skin would go back to it's previous condition and the cycle would begin again: I would get excited at the clever advertising, buy the next "Miracle" cream from the same companies which sold me the previous gunk and go through the same motions. Again and again. For YEARS!

How did I not notice that I was being scammed?

I mean, if those companies would know what they are doing,  would they not produce the cream which would actually work and sell it over and over to the same people for ever? Instead, they keep changing their products few times every year.

Those companies are supposed to have the best labs in the world and spend millions of dollars on research every year! So, how come they cannot come up with a stupid cream that will work long term?

The worse thought is though: Those companies might actually know exactly what they are doing. I have it explained to me before this way - Just because the company is selling beauty products, their actual business might not be beauty products at all. Their actual product might be making money for the company and beauty products are just the vehicle that will get them there.

They could have chosen anything - spare parts for cars, insurance, vitamins etc, but they saw an opening in the market of beauty products, so they chose this niche and ran with it. They do not care that their products do not do what they promise, in fact, it probably would be really bad if they did, because we might then finish all those jars and tubes of goo before we were ready to start another one. That would totally smash their profits, wouldn't it?

Those companies do not expect their creams to work. They do not usually give you money back guarantee, or  they might lamely give you 30 days guarantee when the product clearly states: "Most women experienced 87% change in the appearance of their wrinkles in 45 days". So, you hang on to the product until it is supposed to give you results, but by then it is out of warranty, so you are stuck with it!

The cosmetic companies have the good sense to employ the best marketers - the people who are really great in making your mind up for you based on sound psychological principles of mind manipulation.

That is why we fall for it and do not question it, until somebody actually opens your eyes to it.

So, that is what I am trying to do. Somebody did it for me once and I am hoping to pass this healthy skepticism onto you.If you buy something from the cosmetic company and you used it exactly as instructed but did not get the results they promised, insist on getting your money back and/or never buy from them again.

That in my book holds for all the products - ours included, of course 🙂



About Victoria Winnard

VictoriaWinnard Victoria Winnard is an internet marketer passionate about health and a natural way of living.
She is determined to promote ethical, natural and effective products which enrich people's lives while saving money.
Victoria is an author, educator an advocate for raw food lifestyle.

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