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We have some exciting news for you!

After two years of working with the best textile manufacturer in Turkey, we have finally developed

Baiden Mitten Lite– for Face!

Only available when you purchase the original Baiden Mitten it is slashed from the regular price of $48.97 by almost 40% to a once off price – $29.97

While the original Baiden Mitten is the tool which performs the heavy duty job of total skin makeover, the skin on the face is of different texture, so it can be treated in a different fashion.What you need to know is that Baiden Mitten Lite is an addition to the Original Baiden Mitten – NOT a replacement.

Using only deep exfoliation on your face and ignoring the body is similar to adding a slice of apple to your diet and expecting amazing results.

The original Baiden Mitten does the majority of work of detoxing the skin, Baiden Lite for Face helps.


It is a lot soften than the Original Baiden Mitten, so can be easily manoeuvred around tricky parts like nose, ears and eyelids

• Because it is more delicate, it will not aggravate sensitive skin

• The structure of Baiden Mitten has been specifically developed for the face with finer thread and tighter weave,so it can clear all the pores and tighten the skin.

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Here is your extra bonus:

5 Things Your Skin Is Dying For


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“5 Things Your Skin is Dying for

(And you don’t even know it”

by Victoria Winnard