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Dry skin nightmare. Make it go away.

Winter season produces chaos on your skin. Cold weather, heaters, reduced humidity all take a toll on the moisture content of your skin. How can we prevent this extreme moisture reduction and continue keeping our skin soft and supple?

1.Drink more water. The most effective way to hydrate your skin is from within. Cut back on coffee, tea and alcoholic
dehydrationbeverages. They all have a diuretic result and dehydrate your whole body. Drink mineral water, fruit teas and fruit juices which have not been heated. Unfortunately, nearly all grocery store juices have been pasteurized to prolong their shelf life. When they are warmed, they become acid and ought to be tossed out, not drunk. Make your very own juices from fresh fruit and vegetables and you will certainly be doing your body a big favour. Include as much fluid rich foods in your diet like fresh fruit and vegetables and consume more soups.

2. Keep the temperature level of your home and workplace low. It is lovely to have your home warm and cosy in winter months, but hot air really pulls the moisture from your skin. Use humidifiers, they truly do help to keep your skin moisture rich and can aid with a lot of skin problems caused by dehydration like itchy skin. If you don't own a humidifier, simply boil some water on the stove until the windows mist up.

3. One of the best skin care tips I can give you-- use a best exfoliation you can find. That of course would be Baiden Mitten. It will certainly not only eliminate the dead skin layer, but will also offer your skin a wonderful massage promoting blood flow to the skin. That will certainly bring in additional moisture to the top layer of the skin and will additionally make you feel warmer.

4. Make certain you moisturize your skin each day. Use oil (not water) based moisturizers. They will form a protective barrier on your skin and prevent moisture loss. Natural oils like coconut, hemp or olive oil truly makdry-dehydrated-skin_ae the best skin care products simply in their pure form, so you don't even need to invest a great deal of cash buying fancy skin care products. Most store bought moisturizers include chemicals which will add greatly to the dryness of your skin, so better stick to the organic ones. If your skin is super dry, mix some petroleum jelly in the palm of your hand with some water and quickly massage it in to your skin. You will be really impressed with the difference that can make.

5. Keep away from hot baths and showers unless of course it happens to be your Baiden Mitten exfoliation day. Hot showers will eliminate your skin's protective oils quicker than warm or cold water. Use warm water, keep the length of your showers to 5 minutes maximum and make sure you moisturize your whole body with some organic oil like coconut, olive, Argan or Jojoba all over to protect your skin for the day.

These are some skincare tips which ought to help you to handle dry skin and help you appreciate the cold weather rather than dread it.

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How to use Baiden Mitten How to use Baiden Mitten
How to use Baiden Mitten
How to use Baiden Mitten How to use Baiden Mitten