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Why is the Baiden Mitten so effective in skin exfoliation?

The Baiden mitten is produced in specialized machines that shape the thread to resemble the texture of the skin. This unique texture allows the mitten to grab loose, flaky dead skin and impurities from the surface of the skin and form them into little rolls that can be easily rinsed off. This unique way of exfoliating results in a snowball effect being created where the first rolls of impurities attract even more impurities leaving us with skin being almost totally rid of dead skin cells layer, much the same as present on a skin of a young child.


How is the Baiden Mitten different from other exfoliation methods?

While other methods concentrate only on the outside of the skin, Baiden Mitten repairs and rejuvenates the skin inside and out by providing a vigorous massage which stimulates skin’s blood supply. This blood carries away the toxins and provides nourishment to the new skin cells thus keeping them in the top condition to perform their functions. Additionally, removing impurities and excessive dead skin cells extremely effectively from the top of the skin allows the skin to receive more oxygen. When in top condition, your skin is extremely effective in absorbing oxygen resulting in better health not only for the skin but for the whole body and general feeling of wellbeing.


Does Baiden Mitten work for everybody the same way?

Yes and no. It will work for everybody as to remove impurities and excess of dead skin cells, but what the effect will be depends on the condition of the skin to start with and the age of the person. The worse condition of the skin and the older the person, the more dramatic the results. The only people that might have less than satisfactory results with the Baiden Mitten are men with excessive body hair which prevent the mitten getting a good grip on the skin.


How soon will I see the results after using Baiden Mitten?

You will notice an immediate difference both visually and sensually. Your skin will feel tighter, and it will be amazingly silky and smooth. However, the real effect will become obvious with the long term use of Baiden Mitten. As the skin is kept free of impurities, nourished and oxygenated it has the ability to heal and refine itself with the effect of regaining and maintaining youthful feel and appearance. The refining process will slow down over time until optimum condition is achieved for your particular skin and all you have to do from then on is to maintain this state from then on.


How often should I use Baiden Mitten?

The best practice is to exfoliate with Baiden weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. You may want to adjust the schedule, depending on your individual skin sensitivity and regeneration rate. However, never exfoliate more than once weekly, especially in the beginning when your skin is still getting used to the whole process.


Will the process of exfoliation remain the same throughout use of Baiden Mitten?

The amount of exfoliation might vary from session to session but there will always be some, as the skin always naturally sheds old skin cells. Additionally you will identify the areas of your body that need more exfoliation (or be exfoliated more regularly) than others. After a while you will get to know your skin’s natural processes and you will be able to tell when your skin will be asking for another session.


Can I use Baiden on my face?

Baiden can be used to exfoliate your face. However, use caution for sensitive areas like around the eyes and lips. It may be helpful to practice using the mitten on the rest of your body before attempting to exfoliate your face and starting gently to avoid over scrubbing. In time the skin will become thicker and more resilient and you will be able to apply more pressure and get even better results.


How do I care for the Baiden Mitten?

Hand wash the Baiden mitten with soap, rinse it well, and let it air dry after each use. If possible every once in a while disinfect the Baiden Mitten by drying it in the full sun.


How much pressure should I apply?

Apply enough pressure to see results, but never so much that your skin feels uncomfortable. That will vary from person to person.


Will Baiden Mitten cure acne?

No, it will not. You MUST get active acne under control before you can use Baiden Mitten. If used on active acne, Baiden Mitten will spread the infection further. However, once there are no open sores, regular use of Baiden will prevent the pores from getting clogged up and thus getting infected.


Will Baiden Mitten make my skin more sensitive to the sun?

No, it will not. In fact your skin will be able to defend itself more effectively from sunburn. However, caution is necessary and we advise using sunscreen made with NATURAL ingredients, because your skin will be able to absorb many more chemicals than before.


What skincare do you recommend to use with Baiden Mitten?

Many people find that after using Baiden Mitten their skin becomes so resilient and hydrated that they do not need to use nearly as many skin cosmetics as before, if any. If you feel that you still want to use skincare cosmetics, we suggest in sourcing natural or better still, organic line of skincare. When kept in constant optimum condition your skin is very capable of looking after itself and flooding it with unnatural chemicals will only disrupt all those complex processes. As a side benefit of keeping your skin in such great condition with Baiden Mitten, you will find that now you will be able to afford a better range of cosmetics because you can use much less of them to achieve similar effect as before using much more.


How young can you start using Baiden Mitten?

Young teenagers can start using Baiden Mitten, however it is good practice to supervise them initially to prevent them from over-scrubbing and using Baiden Mittens on skin that is not healed over or sunburned. Please keep in mind that since young skin is very efficient in exfoliating itself quite regularly, teenagers might not need to use Baiden Mitten every week.


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How to use Baiden Mitten How to use Baiden Mitten
How to use Baiden Mitten
How to use Baiden Mitten How to use Baiden Mitten